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Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Dee and I just posted what will be our last Kickstarter update before the campaign closes (in about 10 hours).

This provides some information about what we do and do not yet know and -more importantly- attempts to express the deep and abiding gratitude we feel toward tha vast number of human beings who've responded to our efforts. I can hardly hear my clicky keyboard over my own squee -- thank you. If you are one of those who's been helping us spread the word, by contributing funds or more etherially by feeling the glee - thank you.

If you have been meaning to pitch in something, the window for that is rapidly closing.  We may well offer another avenue for presales (especially of the new album and the concert video) one thing that will definately stay excluive for our Kickstarter backers in the bootleg MP3s we've been sharing.  These are shared withh all backers, meaning $1 and up.   At some point we may well go back to posting these online for general consuption but not until after we've delivered on the Kickstarter rewards, so at least several months.

Here's the URL for today's Kickstarter Update:
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Seven days on the road

Seven days remain in the Cats Laughing kickstarter.  As anyone following along (which seems to be most everyone I know) is already aware, things have gone really quite increadably well.  Moreover, the band is every bit as much a treat to work with as you'd think.  So far we've awarded seven free signed goodies. (Winners -including lollardfish,pameladean and fgherman, amung others-- are drawn from those promoting the campaign, no obligation to back fincially so do this and leave a comment, if you haven't).  We've also shared four MP3 tracks with backers, including "See How the Sparrow Files"- a studio track off Another Way To Travel.  We've recorded/edited video of celeberty authors, had breakfast with the Cats, met with a professional indipendant film maker and gotten scads of advice (and a sweatheart deal to bring him into town, ohh I hope-I hope), did a production crew + Cats conference (call complete with Wha-Wha-Waa and Ba-Dump-Bum sound effects), bought some advertising, talked to some excellent local vendors and gotten to spend some time considering how to make what is sure to be a wonderful Minicon 50 even more outstanding.

Tomorrow I need to update the Beyond Conventions Cats page to start moving toward that (rather than Kickstarter) as being the one-true source of information, and also should our press-release generate actual press.

It's really fun to do stuff with Dee.  While we get into the occasional scuffel over technque or wording or prioritization or whatnot, this turns out to have been somewhat absent from our life together; project work is a very nice place for that to exist.
Miklos and I have almost finished Superfudge.  We tried starting a couple of other things while the rest of the series wasn't findable at the conclusion of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing but they we're quite grabbing at him the same way these have been.  Not quite our first chaper books, but pretty close.  Once we get though these I think it will be time to try something Fantansy or SF.

Meanwhile, bought groceries, did a small amount of cleaning and wrote a song-or-poem-sort-of-thing for which Dee may be able to round up some music.
Now: za-bed.
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Oh, oh - can I be the capitalist?

We're working up to adding in some reward tiers to the Cats Laughing Kickstarter.   Two questions, the first more specific.

We want some shirt options aside T-Shirts.
So far on the table are "bowling", "sweatshirt/hoodie", and "polo" varieties.    Of these what interests you and <cough> how much?

Also, what are your especial desires?   We have been working though the list of ideas already discussed with the band and so on but, with five weeks left, it seems possible we can add something completely new-to-plan. <cough, again>
Aside alter-shirt options, here's what we've discussed:

  • bumper magnets, probably a $5 upgrade from regular stickers

  • exhibition quality poster size prints, your choice from our collection of Cats Laughing photographs (as seen on Facebook!) or with the convention poster art (TBD)

  • Even more music: specifically a package including solo recordings from Lojo, Adam and Steven; maybe Flash Girls. Perhaps also some bootlegs.

  • Books! Signed, even.  Note that these would be offers *above* cover price- it /is/ a fund raising endeavor.

I'm sure it's obvious, but I have neither the authority nor the desire to commit us to any of this—well, I bet I could get away with the bumper sticker upgrade if the financials don't appear to sink us

I'm hoping friendly feedback will let me know which things to take to the group.

Finally, another bit of news. coffeeem responded today to a question that came out fairly early on.  Affirimitively. Naturally, there's miles to go in every possable respect but it does seem like the door is open for another swing at the War For the Oaks movie a reality.
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Ready For Your Close-Up?

Last weekend (about 3:33a on Saturday morning) Dee, David and I lauched the Kickstarter Campain we've been working on.This is the first major effort from my company Beyond Conventions (Dee and me, dd_b, and Mary Rohe) and it's thrilling.

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We've been sick over here at Greenwood Park, and me especially today -- except for a brief bit getting Mikos "the trooper" off this morning -- I didn't get out of bed until about 30 minutes ago.  All of this has lit a new kind of fire in my belly.   I really can't say thanks enough.